Automated Clinical Statistical Analysis - powered by Regulated Augmented Intelligence

Clinical Trials are becoming more intricate, uncertain, and costly. MLytics is dedicated to offering profound understanding, meeting escalating needs, and propelling breakthroughs to aid life sciences firms in delivering life-saving medications to patients with greater speed.


Streamline Your Path to Breakthrough Treatments

Clinical trials are the backbone of medical progress. But complex data analysis can slow you down. MLytics Life Sciences offers a revolutionary solution: Automated Clinical Statistical Analysis powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Focus on What Matters Most: Scientific Discovery

With MLytics Life Sciences, you can devote your expertise to what truly matters: scientific discovery and bringing life-saving treatments to patients faster.

Accuracy & Consistency

Reduce the risk of human error with our AI-driven analysis, ensuring consistent and reliable results.

Deeper Data Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your clinical trial data through powerful visualizations and interactive reports.

Improved Collaboration

Facilitate seamless collaboration between your statistical team and researchers with easy-to-understand reports.


A Clinical Analytics platform for innovatioMLytics Positioningn, productivity and compliance.

Works seamlessly with your current infrastructure, tools, technologies and processes.


Automatically generates SAS® programs and creates reports for a specific target submission task.

Guided Auto

Allows a user to search from a growing list of report templates and create a report by simply selecting the required template

Play Ground

Your playground to explore the complexities of the data and interactively create custom reports, without writing any code

MLytics: Your Trusted Partner in Clinical Innovation

MLytics Life Sciences is dedicated to empowering life science companies to achieve breakthrough results. Our secure platform ensures the integrity of your data and simplifies regulatory compliance.

Ready to unlock the potential of AI for your clinical trials? Contact MLytics Life Sciences today and experience the future of automated clinical statistical analysis.